About : Tigers With Wings - My brother told me to do it

“Do not blame God for having created the tiger,
but thank God for not having given the tiger wings.”
– Indian Proverb

my sharp eyes cut through your disguise

We live in a world where tigers have wings. Any day now, life, as we know it, may come to an end. The winged predators we have learned to accept as normal may devour the only examples of life, conscious or otherwise, that may have ever been, or may ever be. In a universe where exoplanetary life forms have yet to be found, we may be about to prove that our intelligence is not so intelligent, because the private individual consciousness we rate so highly is not smart enough to give us an awareness of its interdependence.

My brother told me to make a blog to post my drawings with my thoughts.

He explained to me that when I show him my drawings, I say things, and it is the combination of the drawing and what I say that captivates him.

So, the content of this blog is my attempt to approximate what it is like when I share my drawings with my brother.

I love you, bro.

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