The Patient Little Robot from "82 Dreamscapes" by Misha Bittleston
The Patient Little Robot from “82 Dreamscapes” by Misha Bittleston

From star to star, rock to rock, volcano of molten gold to ocean of glistening mercury, and each granule of every sun, a tiny robot traveled all corners of every galaxy in the universe, in search of the most valuable stuff of all.

However long it took and however far, to find the one substance that holds the greatest of all greatness, throughout all space and time is what eventually brought the patient little robot here to our planet earth, in a year not long from now. Frozen deep beneath the ice coating our silent planet the little robot senses the afterglow of the most amazing substance in the all the universe.

The little robot leans over as if to kiss the top of a tree jutting from the melting ice and for the first time, ever so slightly, smiles.

This drawing was started in 2008, it is part of a group of “82 Dreamscapes” that I drew in various busy places around NYC, mostly on the subway, at the MoMA and the Whitney between 2008 and 2010. Some of them make up “the eternal adventures of the patient little robot (and a quest for a smile).” This is the first of the 82 drawings.

I guess living in New York I realized the power of a smile, but somewhere inside myself I could feel that I was still underestimating the its real value. I imagined a small robot life form searching the vastness of space. An advanced sentient machine that had decided that smile was the greatest, most valuable substance in the universe.

One day while I was drawing in a crowded subway a woman who had been sitting near me and watching me, came over when the train stopped and said “those are dreamscapes you are makin’ !” the doors closed behind her.